Still Cameras



35mm Format

     Nikon D5, D3 (Digital)

     Nikon F3, F4, F5, F6 (Film)

     *See Page 15 For All Available Lenses

2/3 Frame Format

     Nikon D300 (Digital)

     Nikon D2Xs (Digital)

     Nikon D70 Infra-Red (Digital)

     *See Page 15 For All Available Lenses

     Use 2/3‘rds Crop Factor

35mm Underwater

     Nikonos RS UW (Autofocus) (Film)

     Lenses: 13mm f2.8, 28mm f2.8, 50mm f2.8

     20mm-35mm f2.8, 2x Extender

     Nikonos V, IV-A, III, II, Calypso (Film)

     Lenses: 15mm, 20mm, 28mm, 35mm

     80mm, Macro Extension Tubes


35mm Format

     Leica M7 (Film)

     Lenses: 21mm f2.8, 24mm f2.8, 35mm f1.4, 75mm f1.4

      90mm f2.0, 135 f3.4, Tri-Elmar 28-35-50mm

      50mm f1.0 Noct, 90mm f4.0 Macro

     (Will Work On RED EPIC DRAGON)

 Wide Finder, Macro Adaptor, Polarizer Kit

2/3 Frame Format

     Leica M8 (Digital)

     Lenses: All Above Lenses Use 2/3’rds Crop Factor


Large Format

     Sinar f2 4x5 Camera

     6” Extension Rails (3)

     Extension Bellows (1)

     Wide Angle Bellows (1)

     Polaroid Back

     Fresnel Focusing Screen w/Focusing Loupe

     Nikon Nikkor 90mm f/8.0 w/Copal Shutter

     Nikon Nikkor 210mm f/5.6 w/Copal Shutter


Medium Format

     SWC Body (38mm Fixed Lens)

     SWC Viewfinder w/Masks

     500 C/M Body

     500 C/M Prism Finder w/Exposure Meter

     50mm Distagon f/4

     80mm Planar f/2.8

     150mm Sonnar f/4

     A12 Back (2)

     A16 Back (1)

     A70 Back (2)

     Sheet Film Holders (6) w/Focusing Screen Adaptor

     Polaroid Back

     Lens Shade Bellows w/Mattes

     Flash Bracket

     Hand Grip With Trigger


Medium Format

     C330 Twin Lens Reflex

     Prism Viewfinder

     Argus Teleconverter

     55mm f/4.5

     80mm f/2.8

     250mm f/6.3

     Flash Bracket

     Hand Grip With Trigger