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The world of photography according to Henry Joy can be translated in two ways: either through the lens of a Nikon camera capturing nature’s serene moments, or through the lens of an Arriflex motion picture camera making documentaries, commercials and films. In either case, Henry understands the use of light to translate images on to film, capturing the world around us. 



An Interlochen Arts Academy graduate, Henry began his love of photography early in life. He was given a camera at the age of six by his grandfather and his love of the art was born. He spent the years following learning how to understand the beauty around him and capture it on film.



Henry continued his education and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinematography from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. With live action shorts such as “Sketched for Murder” and “The Animator”(Focus Film Awards Finalist) under his belt, Henry earned recognition with his documentary “The Ultimate Jump” which aired on MTV soon after its release. Adding to his repertoire, Henry worked with actor/director Jeff Daniels on “Escanaba In da Moonlight” and “Supersucker”, Ryan Gosling, Saoirse Ronan and Matt Smith on "Lost River". Henry continues to broaden his scope of filmmaking by filming music videos (U2, Bob Seger, Eminem, Kid Rock, ICP, D12), corporate videos, television commercials and other short and long form projects. Henry’s Michigan based production company, Stopped Motion, provides motion picture, video and still images to clients across the globe.

Artist Richard Schemm

DoP - Henry B. Joy IV

Huron Clinton Metroparks - Trails

DoP - HBJIV / Agency - Factory Detroit

Harris Law

Huron Clinton Metroparks - Playball

DoP - HBJIV / Agency - Factory Detroit

Royal Oak Tourism - Saturday Night

DoP - HBJIV / Agency - Factory Detroit

Black Rock Steakhouse

I shot this with my friend Noah Simon from Video3

Olgas - I Think I Love You #2

I shot this with my friend Noah Simon from Video3

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