Lens control systems


Lens Control Systems

WCU-4 ARRI Wireless Controller with cforce motors

cMotion Filmotechnic Desk Zoom Adaptor w/Cables

ZMU-3A Zoom Control w/Cables, Mounts, etc

UMC-4 , L-Cube, Mounts, Cables, Batteries

WCU-3 ARRI Alexa Integrated Wireless Control for ALEXA

WRCU-1 Wireless Remote Control Unit (WRU Paired)

WRU Wireless Lens Control Set

Iris - Zoom - Focus (CLM-1 and CLM-2 Motors)

Mounts, Cables, Batteries

ICU - Iris Control Unit

ZCU - Zoom Control Unit With Oppenheimer Handle

Follow Focus Systems

Various Lens Drive Gears

Illuminated Follow Focus Wheels

Lightweight Follow Focus With Accessories

FF-3 Studio Follow Focus With Accessories - 19mm Rods

FF-4 Studio Follow Focus With Accessories - 19mm or 15mm Rods

Cinematography Electronics Cine Tape System With Sensor,

Display, Remote Display And Cables